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Thread: So much more than just a guide.

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    Hi Paula

    I have emailed you directly with more details. You don't have to have a porter, we didn't. We used a company initially with Ruk but would advise going directly to him and discussing your requirements. He will ensure everything is adhered to correctly (insurance, conservation fees, permits etc) and he will certainly look after you and make your a trip a special one.

    Let me know how it goes! Happy trekking.

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    Default Re: So much more than just a guide.

    Another thumbs up for Ruk I went trekking with him in 2008 see here

    Heading back to Pokhara next month to paraglide. I still keep in touch with Ruk but I'm too obsessed with flying to go trekking this trip.

    He is such a good guy, enough for me to dig out my old password and post this.

    I am sure I'll go trekking with him again someday.

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