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Thread: Ripoff if trekking from Jiri/Shivalaya

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    Angry Ripoff if trekking from Jiri/Shivalaya

    Hi all

    There is a new ripoff running. In Shivalaya you will be called into the office of the Gaurishankar Conservation area and asked to provide your TIMS permit details. If you haven't bought a Sagarmartha National Park entry already, then they insist on Rs2000 to enter the Gaurishankar area.

    Politely provide your TIMS details but REFUSE to pay anything.

    The Jiri/Shivalaya trek only crosses about 1km of the the Gaurishankar area and nearly all trekkers are refusing to pay and getting away with it.

    You will also have to provide your TIMS details at the police post five minutes later too.



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    Default Re: Ripoff if trekking from Jiri/Shivalaya

    If the Sagarmatha park permit is good for Gaurishankar Conservation Area, would GCA ticket be honored at the Sagarmatha Park gate, too? In that case you could just pay in Shivalaya.

    The trail over the Deurali ridge seems to cut briefly across the Gaurishankar Conservation Area. I doubt it was the intention of the officials who drew the border to squeeze 2000NRs from each trekker walking in from Jiri, but some over zealous official has noticed this possibility.

    Ripoff, well, if the money goes to conservation, is it a ripoff?

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    Default Re: Ripoff if trekking from Jiri/Shivalaya

    I encountered this mid September. They have only been trying to collect the fee since May or so.

    After a bit of discussion the girl said I could go through without paying this time, but next time I would have to pay. I don't mind paying for conservation, but 2,000 rupees is a lot for just two hours over the Deurali pass. If they simply asked for a donation of say 100 rupees, then I would not have an issue.

    I wonder if the "Cheese Trek" will take off?

    To avoid the discussion it might be possible after crossing the bridge to walk around the back of the office building, which is located in the first building on the left heading up the main drag. Go right immediately after the first guest house on the left. The police were only interested in passport details, and only them after I made a few loud "Namaste's" in front of the door. The girl in the conservation area office told me to go there.

    I'll be writing to the conservation area people about this. In view of the very small number of trekkers who take the Jiri, they should be encouraging more and not charging around 25% of the cost of a Lukla flight ticket.

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    Default Re: Ripoff if trekking from Jiri/Shivalaya

    When I came in from Jiri, three weeks ago there was a woman doing the rounds at Shivalaya with a piece of paper asking for/demanding a "contribution" of some sort, a thousand rupees I believe it was. But I felt a contribution should be voluntary and did not feel like it. I just walked away, and nothing happened.


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    Default Re: Ripoff if trekking from Jiri/Shivalaya

    arrived in shivalaya on 27oct, continued next morning to Bhandar no sign of anything re. entrance fee.....

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