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Thread: Annapurna Circuit Trail from early October

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    I'll arrive at Kathmandu on October 4th, 2011, and after a couple days of break/preparation, I'll go trekking the Annapurna Circuit Trail.

    I'd like to enjoy the scene more while on the way, other than just finish the distance as quickly as possible. So, my trekking style is somehow with a slower pace. I give myself 20 days for this trekking trip but it's also flexible, some days more is okay.

    I don't have plan to hire a porter, and probably will not hire a guide either.

    About myself... I'm a guy from Canada. fit, fun, easy-going, responsible, open-minded and self-diciplined. I have multi-day backcountry hiking experience, in the West Coast Trail, the Grand Canyon, and the Banff National Park.

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    Default Re: Annapurna Circuit Trail from early October

    im also looking for people to trek with on the Annapurna circuit. looking to be in Pokhara about the 22nd november. to leave for the circuit at the end of the month? beginning october atleast? will attempt one or two small warm up treks?
    its apparently do-able in 19 days, but i like you would look to take 3 maybe 3.5 weeks, to make sure of good acclimatisation and to take short side treks and more rest days.
    im 28, reasonably fit, english, male, relaxed. can speak french. not experienced at his long distance, but should be soild.
    how many people would you consider to travel with? larger groups could lead to frustrations but a few others could add variety?

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    Hi Rob,

    Are you able to start the trekking on Oct 6 or 7? End of October does not work for me.

    IMHO, a group of 2-4 people is of good size. It's kind of difficult if the group becomes bigger.


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    Default Re: Annapurna Circuit Trail from early October

    Hi smilingOcean,

    I arrive also in Kathmandu on October 4th, I am not yet fully decided on where to go trekking but the Annapurna Circuit is high on my list. Lets meet up in Kathmandu and compare plans. I'll send you a PM with more notes and contact info.


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