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Thread: Anyone trekking to Namche from Kathmandu in early April?

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    Question Anyone trekking to Namche from Kathmandu in early April?

    I'm a 23 year-old girl planning a trek to Namche Bazaar (and hopefully a two-day hike to Tengboche). I'll be arriving in Kathmandu on March 29th, and planning on staying only a few days before taking the bus as far as it will take me (Jiri? Bandar if possible). The next day I will start the trek. I plan on essentially following this blog's route ( to Namche bazaar, but not sure if it will take me as long. After we get to Namche, if you are continuing on to EBC then I'll say goodbye and happy to know you! If you want to head back to Kathmandu with me, I'm planning on trekking back to Lukla and flying back to Kathmandu so I can catch my flight back to Bangkok on April 19th.

    If there are any trekkers with upper-beginning to intermediate experience planning on doing this route, or inspired by this awesome post, please reply and we'll get in contact.

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    Default Re: Anyone trekking to Namche from Kathmandu in early April?

    Tempting, but as I have already travelled that stretch 5 times, am 56 years old, happily married and have bad legs, I must decline the offer.

    The speed the gentleman treks the route in the blog is quite good, but normally strong trekkers need not take 12 hours per day for those daily hikes or arrive after dark like he did, half dead. What I am getting at is that do not plan to do the hike much faster, by far most people use 2-3 days more. I have walked Jiri-Namche in 7 days twice, but once it took 9 days when we stopped in gompas on the way.

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