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Thread: Trekking Across the Andes

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    Default Trekking Across the Andes

    Hello, everyone

    I don't know if this fits here, but since it is a trekking story, I figured it would be a good place to start. We currently are conducting a trekking expedition across the Andes, the part situated in Peru to be exacts.

    The project is recorded and then shown online at our website:

    Surprisingly enough, there is only information about trekkings in Nepal, as far as I've seen. The internet has little to no info about other kind of trekkings. How come?

    Well, if anyone knows any other resource about trekkings, I will be more than glad to know. I also would love to hear some feedback on our site and our adventure, we're pretty excited about it.



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    Default Re: Trekking Across the Andes

    I would also be very interested in any independent information about trekking in Peru. Almost all information is from trekking agencies, not that relevant to my mostly independent style of travel...

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    Default Re: Trekking Across the Andes

    Thinking of going there before the year ends. Looks like I'm up for a good trek.

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