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    Dear Trekkers and Treking agencies,
    I would love to know about Mt Makalu , I wanted to trek to Mt makalu.but would like to know from where trekking should be started , are there hotels to accomodate and what about safety point of view .if any one could provide me folllowing informations I would highly appreciate.
    1. trekking season
    3.about hotels
    4. others

    Thanks with regards

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    this summer i wil go to makalu
    so the info i give you is just from books and internet
    usual the makalu trekking starts from tumlingtar and goes to makalu bc
    and the same way back
    this wil take at least 17 days 20 days wil be better i think
    you can when you return go of this route about halfway
    if you want to know more about this itenerary write to
    season about half september til late november
    and late march til late may
    i wil go from 10 july til 30 july
    you dont need a trekkingpermit only a park entrance fee 2000nr(30$)
    accomodation in tumlingtar and 4 hours walking further in kandbari
    usual on the first trekday you arive in tumlingtar and walk to kandbari
    thereafter i dont know maybe there are some theahouses
    dont caunt on it
    after 4 or 5 days forget the teahouses or lodges
    do you want to know some guides i can give you 3 adresses
    oh yeah i heard it often snows in the makalu area
    also tumlingtar has an altitude of 400m makalu bc 4850
    its a serious difference
    good luck with the pre travel arangements
    greetz filip

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