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    A Tale:

    I trekked the AC in May 1994 with a group of six other people; we'd all been travelling alone and had met up in Kathmandu via the Kathmandu Guesthouse's message board. We called ourselves the Orphan Trekkers.

    Eventually, the faster walkers - Pete, Scott and I - found ourselves atop the Thorung La. Pete, the oldest of us (at a dizzying 31 years of age), was a doctor from the US who was working at the charmingly-named Diarrhoea Hospital in Dhaka. Scott was a chilled California surf dude (though do I remember with delight his sense-of-humour failure half way up the pass).

    So there we are, at 5416m, enjoying the view and feeling smug, when Scott spits thoughtfully onto the snow; the spit is an odd dark colour, and we look at each other worriedly. Pete: 'Dude, you're spitting blood - we have to get down'. So down down down we rush, Pulmonary Oedema on our (Scott's) tail. Eventually we make it down far enough that it seems that no-one is going to die this day. Pete spits. It too is an odd dark colour, and we look at each other worriedly. His hand tenses around the confectionery he and Scott have been sharing: a large bar of oddly, darkly-coloured Cadbury's Chocolate.

    No-one died that day.
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