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    As much as I enjoy this website, I feel it is getting a bit "same old, same old", and that most of the questions have been asked, and answered, many times before.
    The website is titled, but seems to relate almost entirely to trekking in Nepal.
    Don`t get me wrong, it is still my favourite place in the world, and I thank goodness I have trekked the AC twice before the road was put in (never again!). I have trekked there on seven occasions now, and have visited once, on a stopover to and from Bhutan. But, there are lots of other beautifull trekking areas in the world, and I, like many of yourselves, have visited many of them and I would be interested to hear your thoughts and recommendations of other destinations.
    Do others think that the scope of this website should extend beyond trekking in Nepal?
    It is of course the decision of the owners and moderators of this website, but I am sure both Escher and Yakshaver would be as interested in your opinions as I would be.

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    As a fellow lover of Nepal, I couldn't agree more. Ladakh is already an acceptable topic here - let's take it a bit further afield!

    On the tech side, we already have the structure > Trekking in Nepal > News & Views from Trekkers

    which lends itself nicely to being extended. And - gulp - as a techie, if you guys need a hand, I'm happy to help out.


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    Not bad ideas in my view. Let us mull over them a bit.

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    Great idea! There is a lot of good trekking in India Ladakh, Zanskar, Spiti, Sikkim,Arunachal and I suspect many of trekinfo's members have been trekking there!
    I have!

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    Yey, I agree it is lacking of late!

    Actually it used to be quite a bit of fun on here, we used to have a bit of a joke and tell silly stories that had happened when in Nepal, exagerated truths! But it does not happen any more. I suppose there is a saying all good things come to an end.

    a1jbg as you have been there 7 times maybe you could tell us of something that has happened to you while you have been out there. But talking about other treks would be good too.

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    Hi Julia

    Perhaps I could start the ball rolling by re-producing a message I posted almost 3 years ago, where I suggested a new thread called "Trekkers Tales" or similar.

    Trekker`s tales.

    Yesterday lunchtime (Sunday) I was enjoying a couple of pints at my local pub with friends, and I told a silly little story about something that happened during one of my treks. Everyone laughed and found it quite amusing, and others then told similar tales of their holiday and travelling experiences, both recent and in their youth.
    It made me think that this might be a new thread, that others on here might like to read and hopefully contribute to. The posts need not ask questions or seek to give answers, just relate some of your "travellers tales" to a like-minded audience.
    Anyway, the story I told in the pub yesterday concerned a trek I did (Annapurna Circuit) about 7 years ago.
    A Liverpudlian called Bill and I were going really well, and were about 2-3 hours ahead of the rest of the group. We decided to stop at a very small, remote tea-house with spectacular views for a drink of black tea.
    We took our back packs off and put them against a wall together with our trekking poles, and sat on a trestle table outside.
    We were admiring the view and chatting, and I noticed the Nepalese family who ran the tea-house, sat outside watching us with a some interest as we were the only ones there.
    I could see from the corner of my eye, an old lady who I guessed was the
    grandmother of the family, watching me intently with a not to friendly look!
    She then walked over to the wall, picked up my trekking pole, and approached me in a threatening manner with the pole raised above her head.
    I thought what the Hell have I done to upset or offend her.
    She then struck me a glancing blow across the back of my shoulder, and then I saw her eyes looking on the ground, not at me, with a satisfied smile on her face.
    I turned and looked at the ground and saw a MASSIVE caterpillar that she had just knocked off my shoulders.
    "Bloody Hell" I shouted, "Bloody Hell", a little shocked at seeing the caterpillar,and somewhat relieved that I hadn`t been beaten up by an old lady!
    All of the Nepalese were then in fits of laughter shouting "Bluddy Hell, Bluddy Hell", joined by Bill and myself.
    Ah, happy days!

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    I would be happy to post of my trekking adventures, and of funny stories in Nepal and other parts of the world, if others would also like to contribute, but when I suggested this in December 2007, there was little response or feedback.



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