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Thread: Maoists at it again

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    Default Maoists at it again

    Looks like some renegade maoists are trying to collect "donations" again. Of course, they might have just been collecting for themselves!
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    Default Re: Maoists at it again

    I am not surprised that some will go from "collecting donations" to outright
    robbery. Good to hear that the police are doing their best to stop it. If that
    sort of behavior would be allowed to become prevalent it would really put a lot
    of people off going to Nepal.

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    Lightbulb Re: Maoists at it again

    Last time I did meet them on the trek I told them that I worked as a volunteer in an orphanage of child victoms of their war! They showed respect and thanked me. Just make a good story, but don't pay. Never ever again Maoisme!

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