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Thread: Mera Peak 20 april

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    Default Mera Peak 20 april

    Hey All,

    We are 5 people around 30 y old, doing Mera Peak (6490m).
    This is the highest and easiest trekking Peak in the Everest region of Nepal.
    We are flying to Lukla from Kathmandu on the 20th of April.
    If you would be interested to join .. let me know.
    You don't need any technical experience to do this.
    It is ideal for people would want to see if 'mountaineering is their cup of tea' ;-)



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    hi i have to admit your proposition is very interesting, are you already in nepal?? could be nice to discust about it around a coffee or a beer. i am going to be in ktm tomorrow the 16th so let me know!!


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