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Thread: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

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    Default Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    After enjoying the Annapurna Sanctuary last year I'm considering the Langtang / Gossaikund trek.

    But I'd like to know people's opinions on why it is so much less popular than treks in the Annapurna & Khumbu regions?

    How is it less worthy?
    Are the mountains too distant?
    Are the views less spectacular?
    Is the culture less interesting?

    Or is it just the cache of Everest & the AC that overshadows Langtang?

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    according to me because it has less known peaks an no 8000 m peak and most people prefer to do first Annapurna/Everest trek and only thereafter go to lesser known treks. The big peaks attract of course more people.

    Most people will do one or two treks in Nepal, more that this I guess are much less people. So "Nepal lovers" will do this trek as a third/fourth trek probably.

    Also the infrastructure is less comfortable to some extend compared to the big treks, but for me this is actually a vantage, many lodges are still like 10 years back you found also a plenty in Everest/Annapurna.


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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    I did the Gatlang, Langtang and Helambu trek last year. The highlight of the trek was the 5 night Tamang heritage trekking trail starting in Gatlang that I tagged on to beginning of the traditional Langtang/Helambu trek. The heritage trail had a much less touristy feel, hot springs, a trip to the Tibet border, and a home stay - each an element I have not experienced elsewhere in Nepal.

    The Langtang and Gossaikund portions of the trek were great, but not to the same extent as EBC (I haven't been to Annapurna). This is not to diminish the Langtang trek, just recognizing that EBC is special. Differences include a bus or jeep ride vs flight into Lukla; larger mountains in EBC; the Langtang Valley was more narrow; trek length was longer in EBC; and I went to EBC first (1st impressions and all that). Also, in fairness I caught a respiratory illness from some trekkers and was less able to enjoy the Helambu portion of the trek.

    In summary, great views, great mountains and great culture, just a little less so than EBC for me.

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?


    I did Langtang, Gosainkund and Helambu in March 2009. previously done EBC/Gokyo 2006 and AC with ABC 2005. While the huge mountains arent up in your face like EBC it's still a great trek. the views when i went in March werent as spectacular as they can be due to the dust and smoke in the air - lots of small forest fires around at the time and it hadnt rained for ages. Still had a great time - lots of variety thru the trek, nice enough lodges and not many trekkers. Would go back again for sure. It's cool too on the last day walking back to Kathmandu.
    in summary different but still a great trek - do it!
    if you wanna ask any questions feel free

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    Simply because its not as good as the other treks for view,diversity and lodges.Also the 5 day slog up a narrow valley where you can see very little of interest.No it is not comparable in any way to the Everest trek.Though one thing in your favour is the prices not as extravegant as EBC.

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    langtang is my new favorite region -

    it is less touristy, extremely culturally diverse, has a fascinating and wonderful tibetan influence unique unto itself, a long tradition of friendship b/t trekkers and locals, some of the most beautiful ancient growth jungle in nepal, the finest birdwatching i have seen, lamas, sherpas, tamangs, beautiful people from all over europe, and like i said, a way less touristy vibe than everest of a/c.

    i think that everyone should see everest region once in their life, for the peaks, but face it - it's a kind of tourists disneyland - culturally you could be in europe in many ways - just look at the houses in the region - in no where else in nepal are local people so rich. and prices definitely approach european numbers - i think the lodge owners from these places vacation in america and europe during the offseason.

    but to get the feel of nepal, the mix of cultures spilling up from kathmandu, down from tibet, the reality of the economy of this country, to see the fabulous ganesh himal as you approach - it is really the heart and soul of so much that makes me love nepal so much.

    so i guess i would say that langtang is less popular because it has lesser advertising (highest peak, a big circle, etc..)

    but to experience this region is not to be forgotten. it rocked my world.
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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    There is no doubt that the Langtang/Helambu/Gosainkund area is less popular than Annapurna/Everest, I agree with that. In fact last year, when I had 3 weeks off from work at short notice in peak trekking season, I chose to go back to Langtang because I had heard Khumbu was pretty much rammed. At that time Langtang was pretty quiet and indeed seemed somewhat dead.

    What I have noticed over the years is that there are proportionately fewer independent trekkers and more groups, along with great numbers of affluent older trekkers. I think these elements favour the big famous treks rather than the smaller more obscure ones, because folks want to say they have done the Everest Trek or the Annapurna Circuit ( RIP ).

    This trend has encouraged better and more expensive facilities an Annapurna and Khumbu that cater for these trekking groups. However I hardly saw any groups in Langtang and those were camping anyway. Lodges in Langtang are homely but basic and probably not up to the standard required by the big European trekking agencies.

    For myself I am with Dougk and I think the area is underrated in the extreme. Good and cheap lodges, lots of opportunities for exploration and amazing scenery and everything very much geared up for the independent traveller still.

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    I love Langtang. There is so much diversity in altitude and in the villages. The hiking is very enjoyable, good mountain views and plants and birds in abundance. You also have options for returning a different route via Gosiakinuda or even starting from Dunche and finishing up in Sybrubensi.
    Excellent place

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    ...and the birding is very good too!

    No one goes so far or so fast as the man who does not know where he is going. H.W.Tilman

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    Default Re: Langtang / Gossaikund trek: why less popular?

    Quote Originally Posted by gnik
    But I'd like to know people's opinions on why it is so much less popular than treks in the Annapurna & Khumbu regions?
    Langtang Valley is kind of a dead end valley, there is nowhere to go after Langshisa and the mountains are less high than in Khumbu or in the Annapurna area. There is really only one village in the upper valley, the rest of the settlements are there for trekkers or for cheese production. The valley is virtually empty most of the year, just a few kharkas (summer pastures) in summer. The population also had a reputation for stealing stuff, there used to be nothing like the lodge culture on the Annapurna trail or in Khumbu.

    Nevertheless, it is a fine trek, especially if one hikes to Helambu across Ganja La. There is a couple of other passes that could be explored, Tilmanīs Col, etc.

    There is photo album from our last trek there

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