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Thread: Upcoming /ungoing Protest Programmes

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    Default Upcoming /ungoing Protest Programmes

    1.CPN-UML's Youth Force (YF) has announced the following protest programme in Dhankuta district pressurizing the government to provide compensation as per the earlier agreement for vehicle vandalism by UCPN-Maoists in Sidhuwa:

    26 Nov-Sit-in protest at DAO at 1000-1100 hrs

    27 Nov-Sit-in protest at Regional DAO 1000-1200 hrs

    28-30 Nov -Chakka-Jam at Zero point as follows:

    *************** 28 Nov- 1200-1230 hrs

    *************** 29 Nov- 1200-1300 hrs

    *************** 30th Nov -1200-1400 hrs

    *************** 1 Dec –Torch Rally in the evening at District Headquarter.

    *************** 2 Dec onward-Indefinite general strike (Transportation, Markets, institutions, industries will be shut down)


    2.UCPN–Maoist Party has announced its III-phase agitation for one month period from 22 Nov to 22 Dec pressurizing the government to fulfill their demands. The Schedule are:*

    * 22-30 Nov -Publicity Campaign (Pamphleting , wall painting etc)

    * 01-10 Dec- Protest by the different sister wings.

    *01 Dec 09- Symbolic action by student wing-ANNISU-R against the educational institutions who breached law and deceiving parents. More*than**20*thousands students from different schools and colleges will march-pass in Major places of Kathmandu Valley.
    *03 Dec 09-Far Western Region Bandh and sit-in protest in all 75 district police office by Women, families of martyrs and missing people, injured* and*disable people demanding action against the police officers who had raped their colleague in Achham district.
    04 Dec-Protest against untouchablty by Dalit/Lower cast.

    *06 Dec - All Nepal Cine Workers' Association will announce to limit the number of shows of foreign films in Nepal to create more space for
    the*prosperity of**Nepali cinema. And organize cultural programme at Ratnapark at 1400 hrs to protest against the government. Revolutionary
    journalists of UCPN-Maoist will organize a rally in Kathmandu valley on this day.*
    07 Dec-Shut down of schools at nationwide by Teachers unions

    Publish a list of both tax payers and tax evaders by entrepreneurs groups.
    08 Dec-Demonstration and March –pass by YCL and the sports men to protest unemployment and fading nationality.
    09 Dec -Awareness campaign on land reforms by Peasants, landless peoples,Free Kamaiya and Haliya group demanding that the land occupied by the Trusts (Guthi) should be distributed among the people who have been use of

    10 Dec - Nationwide general strike by*Trade Union Federations.

    11-19 Dec- Protests by the regional/ethnic fronts.

    11 Dec - Limbuwan and Kochila State

    13 Dec -Seti-Mahakali and Tharuwan State

    14 Dec -Kirant and Sherpa State

    15 Dec -Bheri –Karnali and Bhote Lama State

    16 Dec - Newa, Tamangsaling (Chepang, Majhi, Rai-Danuwar, Thami, Helmo, Pahari etc) state

    17 Dec - Magarat and Tamuwan (Kumal, Thakali) state

    18 Dec -Madesh (Abadh ,Bhojpura, Mithila)

    20 to 22 Dec-Nationwide General Strike

    23 Dec onwards-indefinite general strike if their demands were not addressed.The protest showing black-flag to President, Prime Minister and Ministers programmes and visit will be continued during the III- phase agitation .

    3. Jana Morcha Nepal has announced nationwide protest programme pressurizing the government to reformation of republic, save nationality and opposing the autonomous states. Schedule are as follow:

    18 Dec - General Strike in Gandaki and Dhaulagiri Zone

    20 Dec -General Strike in Rapti and Lumbini Zone

    22 Dec - General Strike in Narayani* Zone

    24 Dec - General Strike in Eastern Region

    27 Dec - General Strike in Seti and Mahakali Zone

    29 Dec -General Strike in Bheri and Karnali Zone

    31 Dec -General Strike in Valley

    All are*adviced not to make travel plan on 10, 20, 21 and 22 December 2009 during nationwide *general strike called by UCPN- Maoist unless the protest programme is withdrawn.

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    Default Re: Upcoming /ungoing Protest Programmes

    This schedule looks like it will be a lot of fun.

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