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Thread: Can I get these items in the guesthouse?

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    I think you need to think carefully about your needs and expectations for/of a trek in Nepal. Most trekkers go understanding that luxuries (as the developed world has come to expect) and cell communication are basically left behind while we are on the trek. (Of course, some of the most simple things back home can seem to be wonderful luxuries while trekking!)

    Cell communication is indeed becoming increasingly available in the major trekking villages. On our last trek, our guide often checked his cell for any signal (tops of passes seem to work best... but then, one is usually trying to get down at that point). Still, for the majority of any trek, cell availability is limited to non-existent.

    There are always many places along trails, however, even in the most remote areas, that have non-cell telephone connections and these are available to trekkers at a reasonable cost.

    On the other hand, many travellers do use their cell phones in Kathmandu, Pokhara, etc to receive calls from home.

    I leave mine back in Canada. (Nobody calls me anyways... )

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    Hi guys,
    ... By the way, did anyone get a local sim card in Nepal? If yes, can you please advise what is the 'recharge' amount.

    Yes we did get a SIM card in Pokhara for a cell phone we picked-up while in Spain after our departure from Canada. We had a local get it for us and it did take some effort on his part.

    We bought a few prepaid or recharge amounts as u say, in a village outside of Pokhara called Hemja, and paid 300 rupees. I can tell you that the one payment of 300 rupees allowed a call from Hemja to Mallorca Spain that lasted a full 6 minutes before we were cut off. Used for only calls in Nepal 300 rupees prepaid card last quite long. We made a few calls to Spain and one to Canada and I was surprised at how clear reception was, but maybe just lucky.

    Personally we did not use the phone much while touring/treking but it was used to our benefit. We mostly left it in the hands of locals and guides who used it to arrange our taxis, hotels etc.

    Left the phone behind with a local on departure.

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    Thanks to Landfall and Sylvester for the info and advise. Appreciate that.

    I do understand that carrying a cellphone is a unnecessity. It definitely sounds more rational to bring more cholcolate (energy) bar... but sad to say Nepal trekking is unacceptable in my family. I need to call home to assure them that I am safe in 'Korea'.
    I read that certain part of the circuit region like Gorepani and Tatopani has reception. I am trying to make sure that the recharge or prepaid amount is sufficient to call home whenever possible.

    A sad trekker, Te

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    Most bigger villages have public phones where you can call home (about euro/minute). Also in places with no cell coverage. Might be easier and less hassle than getting a local sim card.

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