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Thread: Physical Ability Question

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    Maybe the thing to do would be to take the Bus to Jiri with guide/porter and no particular set agenda. If we can't get past Lukla, just fly home from there. By all accounts, that trek alone is great for nature and culture. If we can get to Namche, or further, all the better. How many people trek with no set plan, or maybe have a plan, but feel free to change it on the spur of the moment? Would a similar strategy out of Pokhara be possible/better? I don't know as much about those areas.

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    I think your best bet would be to fly to Jomsom and trek up to Muktinath/Ranipauwa then head down. There are great villages to be seen along there as well as wonderful scenery. You can walk on the road on the way down and if your wife is into the swing of it then you can cross in places to the other side of the Kali Gandaki and follow the trail (which is not too bad) and if things are really not good then you can fly out again or get a jeep down to Beni and on to Pokhara.

    When you arrive at Tatopani and your wife has really discovered her mountain legs then you have the option of heading up to Ghorepani (again the trails are not too bad - although it is quite a climb from Tatopani to Ghorepani) and you can go to several different places. If she has mastered it all after a week of walking then you can go into the Annapurna Sanctuary or anywhere else you like.

    In a nutshell Jomsom and down gives you the easiest trails there are on the main tea-house treks, still with interesting views, villages and mountains. These should be well within her capabilities but still if not two ways of escaping. And then if she is happy after a week and wants more you are in a prime place to begin a 'proper' trek with those gobsmacking views you crave. Last option is maybe she could head back to Pokhara from Tatopani and you can continue on our own or perhaps with a guide to get some more action for yourself up towards the Sanctuary which you can begin a couple of days walk from there.

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    I trekked to EBC this past Spring and I has also hiked the Zion trails you mentioned. In Nepal and specifically the EBC trail, you will run the spectrum for surfaces from dirt and gravel to boulders. However, everything is doable if you take your time as you progress along the trail. Surface conditions are generally OK but it will depend on the weather conditions. I did have a small slip/fall on a downhill portion of the trial from snow/ice. Nothing serious besides a bruised hand/wrist but it was a good laugh and it demonstrated that you always need to pay attention as you trek.

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