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Thread: parasites and rafting

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    Default parasites and rafting

    Is there anything like parasites to worry about from the fresh water on a rafting trip??

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    Not heard of anything other than the usual. In other words I think you might risk diarrhoea but not the like of South American issues - if you happen to swallow a mouthful or two while rafting.

    Then again, I read some research recently blaming the increase in imune diseases (like ciliac disease) and allergies on our getting rid of parasites from our bodies.
    Apparently whoever has hookworm need not fear ciliac diseas, for example.

    So take heart, and enjoy the rafting. Life's short, anyway. You will die of something. Or other.

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    Default Re: parasites and rafting

    The Only “Parasites” that I have come across when rafting in Nepal are the ones that go around Thamel putting leaflets in the restaurants and bars touting for business – Not that that in itself is a bad thing – What Grips me is when you then go to one of the free organised slideshows put on by these Glossy (and often foreign owned) companies when they then scare people off from booking trips with the local Nepali companies by bringing into question their equipment, safety records and qualifications of their rafting guides – Then after all that then employ the locals on poor wages to exploit them !!
    Book your rafting trip with Care
    Good Luck

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