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Thread: 24h check in at hotels

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    Hi There

    Just wondering if we were to roll in to kathmandu at an awkward hour i.e. midnight or 5 in the morning are most hotels open 24 hours a day for check in?

    might as well ad we will be coming in from varanasi (bus to gorakpur , then bus to the border (Sunauli/Bhairawa i think) followed by bus to kathmandu which is where i figured we might get into kmd at a late hour.. anyone else done this route and have any usefull advice or stories
    to share about it?

    any help would be appretiated thanks
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    Hotels in thamel usually have someone sleeping in the lounge/reception area who can look after you. There is usually a guard who will wake up someone. I guess that bigger/better hotels might offer a better chance. Not a rule though.

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    usually the buses arrive mid afternoon after an early departure from Sunauli and its a wonderful slow trip through the mountains. You would only arrive really late if you bus breaks down or there is a breakdown of a truck or something. You will be beseiged with touts but you should be used to that after India. Its also a busy season so many places will truly be booked up. You also have to get from the bus park to Thamel. If you arrive late afternoon no problems if late take what you can get. Don:t know how you would get from the bus park late at night and you cannot walk as its much too far. Maybe just go with one of the touts.

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