I had my own mildly amusing experience with shorts, or half-pants as they are called in Nepal.

I had read many things on this site and elsewhere about Nepal prior to my last trip including the fact that shorts are frowned upon.

Also I had come to know some locals.

Prior to my departure for Nepal I e-mailed them to say I would be coming and that I would drop in to say hello. Shortly after I received an e-mail reply from the young sister of my acquaintance that said " David-la when you come please bring half pint pens cause no good quality in here"

I puzzled over the nature of this request thinking they must want some kind of small pen as she was a student. Deciding that half pint pens where likely unavailble outside of Nepal I purchased some regular pens and put them in the post. No need to wait for my visit.

I later learned that the request was for half-pant pants or shorts as I say. I then explained what I had heard and asked about issues with wearing shorts. The instant reply "But David-la dont you know it is 2007?"

They got and wore their half pint pens.