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    Does anyone have any experience of this company please?

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    I have not heard of them, maybe other people have...

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    I know, i used it for my trek to Garhwal himalayas in 2004, they provided me very good services.

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    some of my uk friend used theirs service and they said its little expensive but service is not bad.

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    I know the I had done the Dodital Trek with Peakadventuretour in 2008. They provided me the best services.

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    Thumbs down Re: Big scam, rip off artists.

    Their overpriced tours are nothing more than substandard low class tours subcontracted to local people with 1/3 price. Beware of these crooks. Don't get cheated by their fancy websites, fb page or twitter account ( Typical Delhi thugs) .

    I have one of my worst experience travelling in india with this company, We friends booked trekking tour with them -2 months in advance and accordingly paid them.
    Fancy itinerary was sent with Indian, Chinese , continental food, pickup at Delhi, Transport at Dehradun, along with first and last day decent accommodation. It was 9 days trek tour as per original contract.

    But after reaching we found there is nothing called PEAK ADVENTURE TOUR. We were handed over to local cheap agency in Dehradun who charge 1/3 of their price. Local agency was not given any update of our original route/ itinerary etc. They got this contract same day little before we arrived. So forget about any pre-arrangement of hotel stay food or rest house at base camp at Sankri. We struggled on our own to find one forest guest house without water leave alone electricity or toilet.( 1st blow) , same night we got little food on street side Dabha, as agency did not have any arrangement.( 2nd blow)

    We tried to reach the guy by name Arun Joshi who took money from us at Delhi. Who chose to keep his phone switched off through entire of our trip. Again the trek did not start from Sankri as per original plan, agency took us to next village, So in reality the trek was reduced to six day ( 3rd blow). Enroute no proper facility , lunch or proper camp site, at many tent sites there was no water access, At one place this local agency pitched tent in backyard of a locked school before Har ki doon, the reason given was that all sites are full. We had to climb 2-3 walls everytime like thieves , because it was trespassing, ofcourse with no water access. We were helpless.( 4th blow)

    nevertheless this was not the end to misery, there was no enough grocery bought on mules. All that we were given : two Indian breads( pooris for lunch ) or 2 rotis with pickles. ( LOL my dreams of INDIAN, CONTINENTAL , AND CHINESE FOOD DREAM was shattered) , Even this food was sometimes borrowed from other camping companies who parallely trekked with us . Other trekking companies charged only 9000 Rs with many times better service. We paid 24000 Rs per person. ( 5th and 6th blow)

    After having all these on 7th day we were just abandoned at Sankri on return, as per iterinary we were suppose to get pre arranged accommodation, but there was no such thing. Even the agency was trying to make best of his earnings by cutting short very basics. We had to drive back to Purola, we were on our own, we aid again for hotel and food expenses, though it was inbuilt in package, We incurred few more thousands. ( 7th blow)

    At this point also we tried to contact Arun joshi of peak adventure who chose to keep all communications shut. We was not reachable...

    After reaching back our homes we took up this complaint with company, Initially they said they will look into it. Even Arun Joshi said they will refund and compensate for whatever was no provided. All my emails and phones remain unanswered.

    But later he even refused to budge, Arun Joshi said do whatever you want, You can go to any court or police in India, nothing works in india. At this point i realised scam, cheating is part of travelling In india, incredible India remains only in books or hoardings. There is no meaning of tourism in india.

    We felt so insulted and harassed all our trip due to no arrangments, the whole trip would not cost 5000 Rs each person with such standard. But we paid 24000 Rs each person. Their competitors charge only 9000 Rs with many times better service.

    After loosing all the hopes I contacted their director Vijayendra Thapliyal, but he also behaved same way. Initially he showed ignorance and said we are world class, later he said he will look into it.

    I request all the travellers who are local or foreigners to beware of this company, they are nothing more than touts / cheats. They sell their overpriced tours using fancy websites like peakadventuretour,, tourmyindia etc
    But it seems they have no facilities to handle any such things except being middleman. They pocket 70% of money and leave tourists in the hands of cheap agencies, or guides with no professionalism.

    These guys are marketing themselves as if they are masters and experts of trekking . On trekkingmyindia Mr. Arun joshi is projected as god father of trekking in North india, But it is all fraud and marketing tricks.

    We lost so much money travelling to india just for this trip besides ruining our 12 days for trip including our travel time to destination. i request everyone to watch out these ripoff artists and steer clear from them. Many of reviews on their sites are as bogus as their company owners and freaky staff.

    Don't get trapped by these thugs , who are no better than touts at NewDelhi railway station.

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