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Thread: Advice to those looking for a guide

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    Default Advice to those looking for a guide

    This forum exists to keep the guides from cluttering up other forums.

    They are desparate for business. You can imagine them sitting around their streetside shop in Thamel doing nothing all day and trying to dream up a way to attract someone to guide. That's why they keep posting ads here - and it's usually the same one that a previous customer wrote for them.

    But let's face it, there is no such thing as the best guide. The best guide for you is one that a) You can get along with, b) speaks your language fluently enough to communicate easily, c) does not fleece you and d) gets you where you want to go - and back - safely and comfortably.

    So don't bother reading all the rubbish here. Start emailing these poeple and ask some pointed questions and see if that guide is likely to fulfill points a and b above. But beware, if you start an email correspondence with one of the people who advertise here, your mailbox will be flooded with repeated messages because your mailbox will have taken the place of this forum as a potential place to find a customer.

    One question you might ask is where the guide is from. Many of the guides who post here have Brahman and Chhetri names, which might indicate that they were born and raised in Kathmandu. People from the hill regions have names like Sherpa, Gurung, Rai, Tamang and Magar. Not to say a Kathmandu guide isn't qualified, but if you trek with a guide from the hills you may be able to visit his house.
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    Default Re: Advice to those looking for a guide

    That is Right. Thaks for Advice sherpa guide.

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