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Thread: Sisuwa or Besisahar for AC start?

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    Unhappy Sisuwa or Besisahar for AC start?

    need an advice: what is better as a starting point for AC?
    Heard a lot of scarry things about the road to Besisahar. Is it so these days?
    And how is a hike from Sisuwa?

    Please, give your opinion..

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    Default Re: Sisuwa or Besisahar for AC start?

    When I did the AC in spring 2002 we took a bus to Besisahar, the road wasn't that bad. Then a sneaky 4x4 to Khudi and walked from there. Doubtless the road has improved since then. Next time I go back I am thinking I'd like to start and finish walking in Pokhara, I'd like to do those few extra days to trek by way of Begnas Tal.

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    Default Re: Sisuwa or Besisahar for AC start?

    Unfortunately, the Begnas Tal to Khudi section is being destroyed by road construction. Only the last day from Baglung Pani to Khudi gets you away from the road and the dust! We can recommend the Hotel Annapurna in Baglung Pani. The father is a hunter and you might get some meat (deer) in your dal bhat.
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