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    Can someone explain [in detail] how to post a photo here?
    Step by step would be great. Sorry if this is already on this site somewhere, but can't find anything.

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    G'day from a cold and windy England with snow forecast.

    Posting photos is quite straightforward. If you want to give forum members access to a number of photos and you have uploaded them to a site such as FlickR or PBase then it's best to post a link in your message. Write a line of text like this:

    Pics here

    Drag the mouse pointer across the text to select it and then click on the "globe/chain" icon. This brings up a dialogue box that requires you to enter the web address of the page you want to use, click on OK and you should have something like this: (If you go to "Preview Post", you will see the link text highlighted in blue.)

    Pics here

    It's a similar procedure to post a single photo. Type some text:

    Piccy 1

    Select the text with the mouse pointer and click on the postcard icon. Enter the web address of the photo you want to show and click OK.

    When you "Preview Post" your piccy should be there:

    Do the same for more photos:

    Note: your photos must be stored on a web server and not just on your computer hard drive. FlickR, PBase are the ones most members use or you may have your own web site/server. When you enter the web address of a photo you must include the file extension i.e., .jpg or whatever, or the photo will not load.

    Hope that helps,
    * thesilvertops *

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