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Thread: EBC blog - Everest trek 25 years on

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    Default EBC blog - Everest trek 25 years on

    Recently completed the EBC trek from Jiri and out to Bhandar (yes there is now a new exit point if you so desire) for the second time (the first time was in 1983).

    I have put together a blog/trip report with some comments on the changes over the years as well as lots of pics and a few helpful hints.

    Two starting points
    In Chronological order:

    The main blog entry:

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    Default Re: EBC blog - Everest trek 25 years on

    Thank you for your insightful effort in documenting this trip and your comparison of the same trip done long ago, including both old and new photos.

    Your first trip caught the end of a magical era so I know it took some courage to go back.

    Your second trip was clearly a generous gift to your daughter - on many levels.

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    Hi, thanks for sharing, finding it interesting reading. I'm planning to head to the Everest area in November and have decided to walk in from Jiri. Looking forward to it!
    (thanks also to some of the other posters here, particularly for packing list advice )

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