There must be loads of old photos somewhere in the world of treks done in the 70s and 80s when trekking was fairly new. Before that it would have been all safari style things which is different.

KTM at that time was the same as Patan is now and Baktapur except much bigger and better. Electricity was only for a few hours. It was really a Newari style city with lots of simple hotels, lots of gardens and magnificent pie shops. In the window of the pie shops you could see 10 or more large pies from chocolate to ones with pink or blue icing, you name it. Charas was still illegal but easy to find and easily sold in teashops in the candle light. No teashops used electricity. Candles were the most common or lamps.

Everywhere there were bike shops and you would routinely rent a bike and head of for the 3 hours to Pashputinath through the countryside or way out of the city to the monkey temple. We stayed in Freak Street then or Lazimpath, Thamel was new. At night you walked in the dark passed candle lit houses and shops and often pitch black with a stick incase of the packs of dogs bonking and fightings. 20 dogs was very common. Barking all fucking night. Awful.

New Road was a dusty road with 2 cars and on the way to the PO where everyone went and there were some really funky old cafes around there. The Post Office was a big gathering spot as was Durbar Square with its elephants and large areas used for threshing rice or wheat. There were NO cars in that area or motorbikes. There were no tall buildings. Bimsen Tower was really something.