PERSONAL REFERENCE – Pasang Dendi Sherpa

To whom it may concern

Between 05 May 2003 and 25 May 2003 we employed the services of Pasang Dendi Sherpa as a trekking guide in the Solu Khumbu region.
The service Dendi provided was of an outstanding standard, making our trek a hassle-free experience. His knowledge of the inherent risks of trekking (eg AMS, water purification, impending weather conditions etc) was a perfect reflection of his professional attitude towards his role as a guide.
Dendi is an extremely responsible person – his concern for our well being was his top priority while trekking. Additionally, our experience was greatly enhanced by Dendi’s knowledge of flora, fauna, and of course the magnificent Nepal Himal.
On a personal level, he is consistently entertaining – with a great sense of humor, and an excellent grasp of the English language. Dendi shows excellent people skills – always displaying the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. He employed these skills especially well when negotiatin-always making sure he got the best deal for us.
We now consider Pasang Dendi Sherpa a great friend, and would highly recommend him for any future excursions. We would be pleased to act as verbal referees for Dendi, should this be required.
Shannon Donovan (New Zealand)
Phone +44 1202 34 3173 (work – UK)
Guy St Clair (South Africa)
Phone +44 1202 34 7825 (work – UK)
You can email in Nepal