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I would not say that any of the trail is "technical", just some of it is very steep.
Actually I'll take that back and tell you about the sketchiest bit of trail that I've been on.

From Tortong to Yamphudin you have to climb through forests above the Simbuwa Khola to gain the ridge at Lasiya Bhanjyang [here] . There seemed to be a couple of potential trails through the forest, the one that we took came to a fresh landslide. We could see that a very large section of the hillside had slipped down a couple of hundred meters and then dropped into the valley below. There was no sign that anyone had crossed it yet but no obvious way around. Seeing a section of forest a short way across and above us we cautiously made our way over to that. Here is a photo looking back across that section.....

Walking through that bit of forest we soon came across some very large cracks in the ground and we came to the other side where it became apparent that we were only on an island of roots and trees precariously gripping to the slope. We had no choice but to cross and climb another very scary section of the landslide before we were able to gain the crest of the ridge and the safety of a decent trail.

It turned out that there was another trail up through the forest that would have avoided the landslide. But it was obviously that it had happened just recently, probably whilst we were on the trail (I did hear a distant rumble one day in Ghunsa...) The family we had stayed with the night before had not mentioned it and there was no other way that my guide would have known to tend towards the left rather than right was we found our way up through the forest.

This was definitely the dodgiest thing that I have done in all my times in Nepal. I know some people who would have been extremely distressed by the exposure. With the benefit of hindsight I think we made a slightly dubious decision to cross it rather than turn back and find a safer route, but at the time it seemed a reasonable decision.