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    There is a vBulletin mod available that allows you to embed Youtube videos in a post. Any chance you can add this capability to the bb? I have seen it work on other sites and it works well. I have some videos to share (as I am sure do others) and it would be cool to do that here. I would be interested to find out whether the same will be possible with Flickr videos too, I will try and find out.

    You tube mod.
    Mod tutorial

    Also, I think this has been mentioned before, there are a few oddities on the site. The safety and travel forum (and comments and suggestions) only appear to logged in users. I often post safety and travel posts in news and views precisely because they can be seen by guests too. Is it possible you can make safety and travel visible to all?


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    Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the forum permissions so all can see.

    The Youtube issue is harder because the vbulletin license has expired and I'd need to update it to install the fix described here:

    Also Youtube does not work properly in Nepal (at least with the NTC connection) so I can't or read the instructions on the Youtube site you referenced (which is a Youtube video).

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