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Thread: Shoes suitable for Trekking?

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    does anyone any views on boreal trekking shoes?

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    99% of all major makes of shoes and boots will be fine for trekking, after all most of the Nepalis where flip-flops on the trails. Go to a decent outdoor shop where they know how to fit shoes and get ones that fit you properly, that is the most important thing.

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    Unhappy Re: Shoes suitable for Trekking?

    Hi, I recently got New Balance Miniimus shoes for running But I am going to kota kinabalu next week. Please advice if I can use these shoes for trekking the mountain as well.
    Plz help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trek 2009 View Post
    does anyone any views on boreal trekking shoes?
    Had a look at their site, and it looks quite professional. They seem to make boots for all purposes, from light walking to technical. I guess it all depends on how the particular pair feel on your feet.

    When I purchase boots (every 3-4 years), I go to a shop specializing in this stuff. To me that is more valuable than chasing a particular brand. Good retailers specializing in this stuff will usually have enough brands & models to chose from. To me the important things are:
    a) do they have good professional stuff able to give me technical information, and good support and advice in choosing. No hard sell. They need to be good listeners and be able to answer questions professionally
    b) these shops usually let you take the boots home and wear them around the house for a few days. Provided you do not take them outside to mark them in some way, you can bring them back if they don't fit you properly, if you are not comfortable with them for some reason. You can exchange them with other models.

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