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Thread: Island Peak as a first trekking peak?

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    These are the recollections of a novice. I had (still have) no real climbing experience. The windmills on my farm are 35 feet high only. Escher makes good points about getting a little more experience to enjoy the occasion more. I needed the fixed ropes. At the wall and I guess Escher's figures are about right. I was told the ropes are 100 metres and they seemed about that length. From the top of the wall to the summit the climb is on a ridge back so only one rope. All guides on that day clipped on this rope whereas some simply climbed up the first wall solo as Escher says. Time wise I left high camp at 2.45am. Finished the rock scramble to where I put on harness/crampons at about 6.00am. Was on the summit at 8.30am. Was back at High Camp about It took me about 1 hour from base camp to high camp going up. BTW it was November 6th last year I climbed.

    I had been trekking in Nepal about 4 weeks when i climbed including coming in from Jiri and up to Gokyo and over Cho La. That was enough fitness and acclimatisation for me. Before I go I do some running ( say 7 km to 10km) 5 days a week and the odd walk with a pack.

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    Escher and Boulia, thanks for your valuable information.

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    Default Island Peak as a first trekking peak? : Summary

    Hello, guys!
    Thanks to everybody who took part. For me, it is much clearer the difference between hard trekking and easy climbing, both in fitness and logistics. I think, right now I am ready only for some unnamed peak or high pass - and will live happily with that. See you somewhere on the trek!

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    Slowtrotter, I am right there with you. I have an urge to go a little way beyond the end of the trail, but I have no great desire to climb mountains. "Trekking Peaks" are much closer to "mountaineering" than "hiking".

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