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    Default looking for a guide

    Hei all helpful fellow travellers!

    We are planning to go for a short Poon Hill trek with my friend in the end of september this year. First time in Nepal, mid 30s, both female, fitness level -moderate.

    a) Would we need a guide?

    b) I have learned from other posts that guides can add a lot to the experience with their cultural knowledge.

    c) Is there anyone you would recommend?
    - we are looking for someone who would be willing to bother to join us for such a short trip, who would be familiar with this area and have a good sense of humour to put up with us and add to the experience.

    Our concerns are - would the praised guides be rather interested in guiding longer and more difficult treks ?

    All suggestions and recomendations are very welcome!


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    Default Re: looking for a guide

    re: Ngima Dorjee Lama

    Hi Meeri,

    Here's what I wrote previously about Dorjee:

    I've known Dorjee since I met him on the Annapurna Circuit in 2002. He was guiding an Australian couple. We spent much time together (as often happens on the AC) and i was impressed with him as a guide and friend. Subsequently, I recommended him as a guide for several friends, and he again proved excellent (and they are now also recommending him to their friends).

    I visit Nepal and trek regularly (7 tiimes so far) and have observed many guides (many very good; some terrible). Dorjee is among the best.

    Learn about Dorjee on his company's website (he IS the company...):

    Dorjee can be contacted by email: OR

    PM me if you have questions.


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    Default Re: looking for a guide

    I am Raj Nepal.I am indepandent trekking Guide in Nepal himalayas since 1998.Just few days ago i was back from Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking with three spanish.If you are looking for best guide contact me i will help you to find the best.
    For all search;-
    cell;- 977-9841317337

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    Default Re: looking for a guide

    I heartly recommended you kc guide of Above the himalaya trekking company.
    for more details visit this Url where you can get satisfied client's refers
    best regard's
    kedar neupane

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    Default Re: looking for a guide

    Hi there,

    you don't NEED a guide - you can do it alone - but it is
    much more convenient to go with guide (and porter) and not so
    expensive; my experience is very positive, and my guide was really
    fun to go with. If you want contact him - his name is Bashu And I think every guide will take any trek if he
    is free (end of Seprember isn't still peak of the season).
    If you feel better going in female company,there is an all-women agency
    "Three sisters"; I didn't use them (I was with my wife ) but read a lot
    of recommendations and have seen them on the trek, very nice girls.

    Anyway, have fun!

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