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Thread: Around Dhaulagiri trek report

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    Default Around Dhaulagiri trek report

    Hi !

    We did the trek around Dhaulagiri without guide and porters in Oct-Nov. 2010
    The advantages of this trek: it is not much known (compared to Annapurna circuit...) and the landscapes are beautiful and varied
    The only disadvantage of this trek: as it is not much known, it was very difficult to find details in the books or on internet to plan the trek.

    Thatís why we decided to share our experience on this website :

    good trip

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    Default Re: Around Dhaulagiri trek report

    Awesome trek guys thanks for sharing !

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    Default Re: Around Dhaulagiri trek report

    AMAZING trek! Not easy though and can get quite dangerous (if you don't take it seriously enough). Chenck out this guy's agency in Pokhara (he helped me to organize an independent trek): "Beauty nepal adventure",

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    Default Tourism at Dhaulagiri trekking route unsafe

    Tourism at Dhaulagiri trekking route unsafe : The Himalayan Times

    2012-12-13 RSS

    MYAGDI: Tourists, tourism workers and local residents in the Round Dhaulagiri Trekking Route are compelled to make unsafe journey as the bridges and the trekking routes collapsed due to floods and landslides were not repaired.

    Floods in various rivers including, Ratokhola, Jhumarbot, Dhapcha, Kainchibhir, Talitre, Chatare, Pahite, Bhangeni, and Tharodar had swept away the bridges and the roads in July this year.

    Around 10-km-long trekking route was damaged and that the tourism goods and other daily commodities are to be transported in the route paying high charges for chartering helicopters, said local tourism entrepreneur Hariprasad Tilija.

    District Development Committee, Myagdi, stressed the need of constructing some 10-kms of road and 14 suspension bridges.

    Bishnu Prasad Sharma, Local Development Officer of Myagdi, said the DDC has thought of maintenance of the road and constructing bridges in different places from the tourism royalty but the work was in limbo when the Ministry of Tourism did not provide the royalty to be given to the district.

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    Default Re: Around Dhaulagiri trek report

    Good report. Detail. It is a beautiful trek. I have done a few times long time ago. People who are planning to do this trek, "START EARLY & CAMP EARLY" between Italian camp and Yak Kharka. Both French Pass and Thapa Pass? (between Hidden valley and Yak Kharka) frequently get whiteout (dense low cloud) in the afternoon, sometime as early as around noon making route finding really hard if ground is covered with snow. Water in Hidden valley is ( a creek) available down the valley if no snow in the area. Carry food, fuel, tent, sleeping bag and all. You won't even find a cave in hidden valley and Dhaulagiri B.C. forget lodge.

    Carry good topo map and a guide book. My compass and altimeter helped me a lot on my first trip. Time between camps from a book by a Japanese was not very helpful for me. May be he was fast trekker. If you are hiring a guide, make sure s/he has been on this trek the same season you are going. Better early Fall or late Spring to avoid too much snow.

    Oh! in Fall one year, there was no bridge at Dovan, we crossed the freezing river in the morning, water up to waist. Dang. Be prepare.

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