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Thread: Shopping in Kathmandu

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    It should be possible to have bigger jackets etc made to order, if the shop does not have them on the rack. Should no take more than a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek
    Beware of the duplicate brand names.. They look very good.. But check their final finishing and you will know..

    Gore Tex and North Face are common eye fakers..

    You can also get the real ones but are pretty expensive.. But if you are just getting it for Use and throw.. Its good enough..

    Fakes are good enough these days, provided, as you say, that you check the quality of finish, stitching etc.

    Like Boulia, I picked up a number of things over the years (including a down sleeping bag 10 years ago), wich are still in working order, and not deteriorated.
    Just open your eyes when you buy, and you will save a whole heap of money on equipment, if you buy in Thamel, in comparison to some "genuine brand" (also made in China by the way, mostly) from your own country.

    Assuming you do a normal trek, as different from a mountaineering expedition at over 6000m altitude, and if I don't already have equipment, I would only bring from home my boots and some good socks. Maybe my sunglasses too. The rest, provided you're looking at what you buy, you are much better off purchasing in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Even in Namche Bazaar if you forget something important.
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