Looking for a guide to trek?
i can telll you my experience.
if you're not interested of climbing to the top of the Annapurna or the Everest,
what you guys need is just a regular guide and not all the stuff that all the agency in KTM will tell you as you're not gonna be in any danger or going to be the nest Hillary.
my suggestion is to go independently. AVOID TOURIST TRAVEL AGENCY, they're a ripp off. Give your money to some independent gude!!!!!!!!

Agency will ask you for a big ammount of money (considering you're in one of the poorest country on earth) and providing nothing more than a regular service as a guide would do.

On the other side if you will go for a guide you will pay half the ammount of money than to an agency and you will help someone putting your money straight in hand of someone who need it.

when i trek to the ABC i paid something like 25 $ a day for the guide, accomodation and food while my guide got 4 $ a day and he couldn't eat with me and the other trekkers. he had a different menu (really, really basic) and while where there was a proper accomodation he had to sleep on the floor in the main room while i had a room with a proper bed)

it was really bad.
i promised myself the next time i'll trek in Nepal i'll go independly.

SO choose the guide that better suits you.
io can give you out the name of my guide:
he's a smart guy you can get in contact at:

email him like a month before going to Nepal and he will propose you different treks according to your request.