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Thread: Update from Nepal - Annapurna treks

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    I stayed at Temple Tiger for 3 nights. Rhinos appeared in the swamp in front of the camp every day. We saw them with ease from the elephants a sloth bear which was much bigger than I expected. We also saw a wild buffalo not an arna. It was brown with golden hair in many parts. Amazing. Temple tiger is very very damp. Beds were very musty. Food the worst of any lodge but adequate. It's deeper into the jungle than other places. A very good bird list but not compared with Koshi Tappu. Often birding around the camps produces the best birds. Treatment of the elephants is very distressing.

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    Nameste all, egads, after reading Silvertops views of the Circuit on the Jomson side I'm amazed and totally bummed. Time marches on too bad progress does also. Glad I spent lots of time in older Nepal when it was way cool as it seems to have lost its charm. Happy trails

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    There are a lot of places with the old charm, too bad they are all "protected" areas (Kanchenjunga, Tsum valley, NarPhu valley, upper Dolpo come to mind) and require special permits and at least a guide, often also a camping crew. The other possibility is to forget about grand mountain vistas and just hike the roadless parts of the middle hills. That would be old style, and cheap.

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    Exclamation Two German trekkers looted in Annapurna area

    Two German trekkers looted in Annapurna area

    Two German nationals have been looted while they were trekking in the Annapurna area. 

Slooj Stephen and his fellow trekker were looted of Rs 50,000 and USD 500 in cash and a mobile set at Tagring VDC in Lamjung at the hotel they were staying at Monday evening.

They were staying at Hotel Eco in Jagat.

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