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    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering about charging camera batteries in Nepal.

    Firstly, in Kathmandu, I assume there would be electricity in the hotel rooms (Staying in Kathmandu Guest House), so it would be fine to recharge before the trek.

    Secondly, on the EBC trek, is there places to charge batteries in most towns? Ie. would it possible to charge the batteries each night, if needed? I know there would be a charge for this as well, is anyone able to provide a rough, upto date price for this?

    Thanks for any help

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    On the trek most villages have electricity, you can recharge at least every other day up to Dingpoche/Periche. Better to have two sets of batteries. In some lodges it is possible to recharge for free, some places charge a few hundred NRs either per hour or per battery.

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    In 2008 the lodges were charging for batteries. Once you get to Dingboche dont be surpised to find they are asking 500npr per hour to charge. I found a small local shop on the right side of the trail heading north from the south end of Dingboche which was doing it for 250 per hour. Bring lots of spares.

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