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  1. Re: Do not Trek with out guide /Porter Register Trekking Trekking Company


    I agree, "do not trek alone"... but cannot agree with your suggestion one needs to have a guide/porter for the main treks. This is simply not true.

    The Taiwanese trekkers in the story...
  2. Re: Trekking Companions Ebc or Abc Early June 2017

    The following website would be better:

    Unfortunately, trekinfo seems rather quiet these days
  3. Oct/Nov 2016: Poon Hill & ABC TREKS: Our costs and experiences

    Sorry for cross-posting....

    Just completed our Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp treks, and thought people would be interested in our costs.

    FYI: We are a couple in our lower 60s who trekked...
  4. Re: Heading back to Nepal Oct 23 for a short trek -- Poon Hill & ABC

    That's the plan. Hope it works....

    We seem to get hit with urge about 12-15 months after the preceding trip. This "nepal-sick" ness is an expensive illness -- hmm, how much spent after 12 trips...
  5. Heading back to Nepal Oct 23 for a short trek -- Poon Hill & ABC

    Hi all,

    Good to see TrekInfo back up and working. What happened to it for a week or so?

    We decided to head back to Nepal during the Oct/Nov "inter-regnum" here in Whistler (time between...
  6. Re: Earthquake damage on major trekking trails -- information

    from reading blogs, LP Thorn Tree, etc:

    Everest: Lukla and above all open; some damage Junbesi and lower but apparently lodges operating.

    Annapurna: no effect

    Manaslu: apparently trail...
  7. Any changes in immigration procedures on arrival at Kathmandu TIA airport?

    Hi folks,

    Our last time through Kathmandu TIA immigration was August/September 2014. At that time, there were no "visa machines". Just the usual lineups: fill out paper visa application (we had...
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    Re: Manang Trek - Partner wanted

    Thorung La more dangerous in monsoon? How so? Not our experience. How will you return from Manang? Walk back? Jeep? Fly (unreliable)?
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    Re: Hillary step no longer there?

    Alternatively, it may simply be that there is a lot more snow than in the past (it has been 2 years since climbers have been up there (on the Nepalese side)
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    Re: EBC Trek via Gokyo and Chola Pass

    Everybody acclimatizes differently.

    Back in 1990 (my very first trek!), we did the schedule (to Kala Pathar) as proposed. It was tough. Some (20%) of our group had to turn back. One trekker in...
  11. Re: Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley, Naar Phu Valley plus option for Annapurna Circuit,

    Sorry. Yes, you did write that -- I misinterpreted it.

    As of 2014 it was still an issue concerning 1st-night lodging for unacclimatized trekkers. Meta Kharka was just too far for us, so we had to...
  12. Re: Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley, Naar Phu Valley plus option for Annapurna Circuit,

    Actually, there ARE lodges in Nar-Phu!

    In August 2014:

    Meta Kharka: several lodges (most somewhat new)
    Phu: 2-3 lodges; quite basic
    "Nar Phedi": the Gompa may have some rooms available (they...
  13. Re: Updates from the Everest Region - November 2015

    As a Canadian (where almost all Twin Otters were built), I am deeply offended (as are the otters) ;)
  14. Thread: Jiri to KP

    by Landfall38

    Re: Jiri to KP

    Jiri to Lukla is one of our favourites (above Lukla not so much...)!

    I think the schedule provided is a little ambitious, especially in the beginning.

    If you start in Jiri, then trekking to...
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    Re: Its That Question again !!!

    We really liked ALCHEMY pizza in 2012.

    But in Summer 2014, they had been kicked out by Hotel Family Home/House/etc.

    Hopefully, they have re-established themselves. Let us know if they have.
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    Re: Trekking this Autumn and UK FO advice

    I remember the days of trekking without even thinking of insurance. I'm certain many (young?) trekkers still do this. I'm not sure I disagree with them. But age (and experience) has perhaps made me...
  17. Re: Projects in Nepal - Trekking in Nepal and some other updates

    Ha! remember Rum Doodle....:D
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    Re: Gokyo Lakes and Base Camp Trek

    Crazy stupid itinerary.

    Good example of what not to do....

    Interesting, no reply from original poster!
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    Re: My Itinerary for OCT/NOV

    Transport between Jomsom-Kagbeni-Muktinath includes regular BUS as well as jeeps (if you have right group size, jeep might be good option, but costs more), and motorcycle :eek: taxis

    Above Jomsom...
  20. Re: Projects in Nepal - Trekking in Nepal and... NEPAL EDUCATION FUND

    We highly recommend the Canada-Nepali "Nepal Education Fund". Started by a Canadian, Susan Marshall, this small Nepal-registered charity has a small group of very dedicated Nepalis on the ground....
  21. Re: Travel Insurance and Implications for Nepal

    World Nomads has a detailed page devoted to this question:

    For residents of...
  22. Re: Travel Insurance and Implications for Nepal

    WORLD NOMADS is fine, provided you are aged under 60 years. (They do not cover 60 or older. I just turned 60... :eek:) There was nothing about maximum altitude in the policy (which we had for a 2012...
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    Re: Khopra Danda trek

    Hi Andrees,

    What was your route? (Where did you start?) Did you stay in community lodges, homestays or ?


    PS Was there any effect of earthquake on Marsyandi side of AC?
  24. Thread: Trek info

    by Landfall38

    FYI: An excellent local charity in Nepal

    Our friend and often guide Dorjee is STILL living with his family in a tent beside their house. And he is lucky! Hard to think of being so long in that situation.

    We have been donating extra money...
  25. Earthquake damage on major trekking trails -- information

    The April earthquake in Nepal has resulted in thousands of deaths, destroyed buildings and infrastructure, and left many without homes.

    Not really the most appropriate time to go trekking.
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