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    Sticky: Re: Nepal Photo Galleries

    I am in the process of putting together a travel blog page of my trip to Tibet/EBC. I did not do the normal trekking trip as most on this website. I did a Land Cruiser trip. Anways

    The travel blog...
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    Sticky: Beijing Lhasa Train Travel Blog

    I created a travel blog of my train trip from Beijing to Lhasa. When I was planning the trip I found it difficult to find first hand information on this train and hence I created some web pages that...
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    Re: Flights To KTM from Delhi

    Thanks for the info. I am still trying to pin down how much time I will have, but the more I think about it the more I think if I have at least six hours or more I might just go for it. Even if I end...
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    Re: Flights To KTM from Delhi

    I am actually doing the opposite. I will be flying from KTM to Delhi and then back to the states. I have not booked the KTM to Delhi leg yet.

    What is the least amount of time I would need between...
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    Re: Travel Insurance Necessary?

    What company did you go with and what country are you from. I am starting to look for insurance as well.
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    Re: Internal air travel in Nepal

    After our adventures in Tibet we will be flying out of KTM to most likely somewhere in India and then out from there. Since we have built some padding into our schedule we would like to be flexiable...
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    Book in States or book when we get there

    I will be doing Beijing -> Lhasa by train -> Lhasa -> KTM via EBC by Land Cruiser. I am wondering if I should book the part from Lhasa to KTM here in the states or wait until I get there. While we...
  8. A million thanks go out to all of you

    First off thank you so much for taking the time. I was a little worried what type of response I would get with such a non-trekking type question.

    To clarify, I am not so much trying to rush the...
  9. Help wanted about route and altitude - Help make a dream come true

    Ever since a child I have dreamed of Everest. I am targeting March of next year to make that dream a reality. Due to numerous reasons trekking is just not an option at this point in life. One trip...
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