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  1. Sticky: Re: The beautifull NATT-trails on the Annapurna Circuit

    i just got a copy of the the TGO Magazine (The great outdoors) from April 2016 with a long Article "Himalays "Return of the worlds greatest Trek" /Return to Annapurna .
    Terry Adby describes his long...
  2. Re: Beautiful and touching movie Trailer about Nepal

    Wow, already more than 10000 people have watched this video. i myself probably about 10 times ;-)
  3. Beautiful and touching movie Trailer about Nepal

    Dimitrii Petrov and Anna Soldatovamade this beautiful an touching Trailer for their future movie about Nepal.

    By the way, you see some of the NATT signs which we painted in the Annapurna-area...
  4. Sticky: Updated brand new third edition 2016 of the Guide book Trekking the Annapurnas

    From October to December 2016 I was again trekking and marking the NATT trails in the Annapurna area with my friend Prem Rai. We took exactly 2 months and enjoyed it much. We started in Bhulbule and...
  5. Sticky: Re: The beautifull NATT-trails on the Annapurna Circuit

    The american earthquake consultuants company Miyamoto made a survey of Annapurna region after the earthquake and released a report. The say that nearly all the AC and ABC Trek are unharmed and safe...
  6. Sticky: Re: The beautifull NATT-trails on the Annapurna Circuit

    Tha Annapurna regtion was only affected slidly and in a very few places.
    There habve been landslides in the upper manang valley and a very few houses in Gandruk and Landruk have been damaged. Also...
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    Khopra Danda trek

    in March 2015 i went with Agnes and Astrid to the Khopra Danda trek. Our guide was Chandi Rai and he made a slideshow of this beautiful trek :o . On the south part we met in 5 days only one other...
  8. Sticky: Re: The beautifull NATT-trails on the Annapurna Circuit after the earthquake


    i had written to Narendra Lama, who is the tourism officer at ACAP:
    " Dear Narendra, a trekking agency wrote to me, that the nepali government has banned all...
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    Re: Earth quake nepal 2015-4-

    Some houses in Lobuche are damaged but at least some lodges are still standing.
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    Earth quake nepal 2015-4-

    i will not cover al the horrible news.
    beside The Kathmandu valley and Langtang seems to be hit very hard.
    Pokhara has compared only little damages.

    For the people who seek information about...
  11. Sticky: Re: The beautifull NATT-trails on the Annapurna Circuit

    hi Petrus,
    i absolutely agree that going there with a tent is wonderful as the sunset and -rise must be perfect fro there. i have been there once in one day. Nowadays the trail is a little bit...
  12. Sticky: Dhaulagiri ice fall

    You can go up to Dhaulagiri icefall and return to Larjung in one long day. The lodge should prepare you some Lunch paket and one should start early in the morning. But the beautiful views...
  13. Sticky: NATT trail no.61; from Marpha to khoketanti on the eastern trail

    The Dhaulagiri panoramic Trail !
    When the road was built finding a trail on the eastern side was difficult. The reason was a huge cliff opposite Tukuche. So ACAP decided to construct a completely...
  14. Sticky: NATT trail 60 part two - Marpha

    Marpha is a very special Thakali village. It is unique with its white walls and spotless clean paved roads. Marpha is the center of the apple horticulture. It started with the horticultural research...
  15. Sticky: NATT trail no. 56 part 1 From Jomsom to Marpha via Thini and Dhumba lake

    Since the dirt road it is not anymore so much fun to walk from Jomsom to Marpha by this way. It is a very dry area and every bus, truck or motorcycle will cover you with dust. But fortunately ACAP...
  16. Sticky: NATT trail No. 55 From Jomsom to Marpha on the road

    This was formerly the standard route but since the road is constructed it is less nice. But anyway if you have not too much time it is still much better, than just take the bus! Marpha and Later...
  17. Sticky: NATT trail No.54: From Kagbeni to jomsom over the windy pass

    This trail is unknown by the majority of trekkers and of guides. But it is worth to consider it. Normally you will walk from Kagbeni to Eklebhatti and then to Jomsom mostly on the side of the...
  18. Sticky: NATT trail No. 53: From Kagbeni to jomson standard rout along the Kali Gandaki River

    I admit it is hard. Because when you want to go to Jomsom you should leave very early from lovely Kagbeni. And in reality you just would love to stay there longer. But there is a terrible wind...
  19. Sticky: NATT trail N0 51: Tiri

    Kagbeni is so beautiful, that it is absolutely worth staying on day. If you are on the northern end, you can see a little bit upstream on the other river side a cute little village called Tiri. For...
  20. From Mid March on there will be a direkt bus service from Jomsom to Pokhara

    From 15th of March a direkt bus will commute between Jomsom and Pokhara, I personally suggest to every one to walk down to Tatopani, as there are now beautiful trails avoiding the road but for the...
  21. Sticky: Re: The beautifull NATT-trails on the Annapurna Circuit

    My love Kagbeni
    People who take the Jeep in Ranipauwa to be shaken down to Jomsom miss one of the main jewels of the AC. I admit that this post is completely subjective, as Kagbeni is my great...
  22. Sticky: NATT trail no. 50 From Ranipauwa to Kagbeni Part 3: Putak

    After a short walk on the dirt road (but i never met any vehicle on this part) appears on the left the little village of Putak. As the land is getting dryer and dryer Putak is also the...
  23. Sticky: NATT trail no. 50 From Ranipauwa to Kagbeni Part 2: Jhong

    Jhong is the second pearl on the trail. On many maps the name is written as Dzong or Dhjong. The name comes from Dzong, which means Fortress and still one can see the huge remaining ruins of the...
  24. Sticky: NATT trail no. 50 From Ranipauwa to Kagbeni Part one: Chongur

    The villages on the Muktinath side look different than on the Manang side. These are mainly built with natural rocks and look grey to brown. On the Jomsom side the houses are plastered and often...
  25. Sticky: NATT trail No.43: a nice walk around Muktinath to Purang and Jharkot

    After crossing the Thorong La you definitively deserve a relaxing day. In fact the surroundings of Muktinath are very interesting. As I will always suggest the northern trail down to Kagbeni it is...
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