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  1. Hi Escher,

    Thank you for taking the time and your reply!

  2. Hi Escher,

    I read many of your posts / replies to posts on different forums.
    As you are a very experienced trekker, I hope you don't mind I ask you for information on trekking times (if you have them in your notes from your treks).
    In particular I am interested in Jiri to EBC - Gokyo - Lukla trek, which I plan to trek in October, November this year.
    I checked LP's Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya and YetiZone trekking routes, with trekking times. They differ substantially on many legs.
    I would much appreciate your reply on the times.
    I do understand it is highly personal though (fitness, health, ..).
    Thank you and best regards,
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