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  1. Hello Oli. Are you back from your trip? Whenever you get a chance Id like the contact info for your porter guide in the Kanchengjunga area. Im sure your busy so no rush,.iIn 08. I made it from Phaplu to Dzugla where I had to turn back to a bad respiratory infection. I had planned to go to EBC, cross the Cho La and so on. I flew back to KTM and did the Poon Hill Ghandruk Loop, loved it as I did the Khumbu. Now im going back in October and have to decide which trek to do, I dont want to backtrack but I think it would probably be worth it to see Gokyo and the upper Khumbu. I dont want an organized tour, just a porter guide.I dont mind roughing it Id actually rather experience the homestays. Having been to many places in Nepal would you say its worth the expense and time to go to that region? I I also considered the Annapurna Circuit but the road has turned me off. Naar and Phu sounds great but too expensive for me. I have 35 days in Nepal, What would you do? Thx,,, Ivan
  2. Hello Oli. I am going to Nepal in October. Im thinking about doing the Kanchenjunga Circuit. Do you still have the email for the guide who accompanied you. Having been to other areas of Nepal would you say the scenery here was on par with the Everest Region? I havent decided on the trek yet. Ive been to Dzugla. Thinking about Gokyo this time or other alternatives.. thx.... mtncanyon
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