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29th November 2007, 09:05 AM
Completed the Annapurna circuit October/November 2007.

Our daily trek costs average 1800-2000 nepali rupees per day for a couple. Expect about half this for one person. We did not have any beers etc during trek and drank mostly tea (with a few cokes/sprites) -- add extra for alcohol etc.

Rooms are typically 150-250 NR per night for a double. We paid a little more for attached bath in Marpha and a lot more for same at fancy newly renovated lodge at Kalopani (a questionable value in Kalopani).

Also, add (i) Maoist costs (1000-2000 NR) and (ii) transport costs. (Eg., We paid 1100 NR for taxi from Nayapul to Pokhara.)

FYI: lodges at Churi Letdar are not great ("Snowland" lodge at Letdar was HORRIBLE --- most unfriendly people in my 17 years of trekking in Nepal); go to Yak Kharka (several good lodges).

29th November 2007, 09:57 AM
hey landfall, i'm not to familar with nepalise money.....what does the cost of that trek equal in USD?......just curious.....i'm doing EBC and paying 1,176 USD through a trekking agency....is that too much?... thanks, kat

29th November 2007, 12:58 PM
I'd say about USD$15-20 per day per person for food and lodging is about right for the main trekking areas (this equates to Landfall's figure of up to 2000nrps per couple per day). Despite rumours recently of large increases in prices this seems to be about what I have paid (maybe a little bit more) over the last few years of trekking.

So if you want to work out if your trek is expensive/inexpensive then try these figures:-

(assuming that you are staying in tea houses)

Guide = around $15 per day
Porter = around $6 per day
Porter/Guide = around $20 per day
Your food and lodging = $15 -20 per day
Permit EBC = around $15, Annapurna $30
Lukla flight for guide around $30 (at least I think that is right 30-50% of what a tourist pays)

So depending on how many days, what staff you have and what is included you should be able to work out the going rate. For a 3 week trek with maybe one porter and guide or a porter/guide all food and lodging, permits and flights paid for it sounds about mid point. I have heard of cheaper and more expensive, and it is certainly possible to do it a great deal cheaper than that if you organise it all your self and dispense with a guide altogether!

29th November 2007, 01:54 PM
......just curious.....i'm doing EBC and paying 1,176 USD through a trekking agency....is that too much?... thanks, kat

Depends, the cost for lodging and food for yourself will be 15-20 USD per day, i.e., about 400 USD for a twenty day trek. Add airfare, approximately 200 USD. A guide will have perhaps 10 USD a day as salary. In some places he might eat free, for bringing your custom, but higher up he might have to pay too.

It is hard to say what is too much, but if you did it on your own, i.e., just booking tickets to Lukla, you could it on less than 700 USD without scrounging.

12th September 2011, 01:30 AM
Could anyone advise on what these costs look like today (2011)? I'm heading out to AC and was just wondering whether costs have risen much since 07?


12th September 2011, 07:37 AM
Every single season price are increasing 10% for Foods, but not for Room, recently $ 20 to $ 27 per person foods with Accommodations, guide and porter foods pay Half price of Menu, so only room get free for guides, Who say free foods??

15th September 2011, 04:14 AM
Thanks trek, that's useful to know - hope you get some answers!

The Trekking Guide(HAP)
8th October 2011, 04:47 PM
The food menu cost are raised unreasonably in AC and the Transportation cost between Bensisahar to Shyange by Local Jeeps are raised too.

11th October 2011, 02:47 AM
What does it cost to hire a jeep Besisahar-Syange? And is the road open right now?


11th October 2011, 05:22 AM
I walked down from Syange a couple of weeks ago, I can't help you with the cost. The road was open for jeeps and tractors, but it was in pretty rough shape, much mud and flowing water. If rains have stopped it might be a little better. If I was just starting to do Annapurna I would walk this section to get use to walking, The hills start after Syange.