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5th November 2007, 09:07 PM
I have been told to buy everything in Kathamandu that is needed for a trek because the gear is good quality and inexpensive. My question is how much does stuff cost? I have not been able to get any recent prices so some help would be great. For instance what does it cost to buy/rent gloves, sleeping bag, down jacket, ect.. Any help would be great.

6th November 2007, 07:29 AM
I bought a good down sleeping bag for about 90 USD a few years ago. Something I would have paid 3-4 times as much home. I don't think prices hsve risen much in the meantime, but you need to spend a bit of time in the many shops with equipment in Thamel. There was talk about a shop named Shona, somewhere in Jyatha, a street on the left just as you enter Thamel from Tridevi Marg. But their number is legion, and they are peppered all over the place.

8th November 2007, 04:08 AM
I endorse what Yakshaver said. I bought a down bag a few years ago for about £70 (UK) and it served me very well at both ABC and Gokyo. My friend bought a bag with a small hole in the inside which allowed the down out. He emerged every morning looking like a polar bear. He returned it to the shop and the guy changed it for a good one without question, pretty good I thought.

14th February 2008, 03:20 AM
As we leave allready on Sunday, packing is waiting ...
I have planned a 3 week trek to EBC with my 2 kids.

We ususally go trekking around summer time, and are not very good equipped for the cold. Not to mention, that I just discovered that the youngest has absolutely outgrown her down sleeping bag, her mountains shoes (fitted well in the summer) etc ... Buying the stuff here in Denmark will cost equivalently what I paid for the trek :-(

I planned on renting down jackets in Kathmandu, and also supplyíng with buing good quality outer layer pants. Now I see we will also have to buy a good sleeping bag. Any experiences with the "fake" brands? Are they just as good as the real? Any preferences?

I also came to wonder, whether it is possible in Kathmandu to find/rent child size gear? Yesterday we went shopping for new mountain boots for one of the kids, it was hard to find child size, good quality stuff - but finally managed to . We are talking about somebody that is 140 cm tall, and another one that is about 150 cm.

Is there a reason to bring our matresses - or is this just unnecessary stuff?


14th February 2008, 05:17 AM
The main reason for "polar bear look" is feather which is stuffed in fake sleeping bags and jackets instead of down. Sticthing wholes "leek" feather while down remain inside. Feather is the main reason why fakes are so cheap but it is not worth even such a small amount of money since also its insulating capability is much worse than down.
I am repeatedly recommending Shona Rentals. I am their faithful customer myself. It is run by English-Sherpani couple and they know their job very well. Yakshaver pointed out where the shop is I can just add that you should look for it on the right hand side coming from Tridevi Marg.
They dont sell fakes but they make their own products including down (90/10) sleeping bags and jackets. You can get a 4 season sleeping bag with 1.000gr down for about 100USD. (This will keep you warm without extra clothing also in the cold of Lobuche and Gorak Shep.) Simple down jacket will cost 50-60USD. They also rent equipment.
Since there are very few children among trekkers in general you might have problems to find child sizes, but regular S size will be the closest you get.
You can find some good priced staff in some other shops in Thamel but mostly it is chinese copies and nepali poor quality staff labeled with fancy brands and it takes some time to fish out something worth buying.
There are now also North Face and Mountain Hardware shops (and another one named United Brands) on Tridevi Marg. They sell original stuff and prices are mostly quite lower than in Europe. You might find some child sizes there.
There is also a shop in Namche with originals from Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, Mamut. Patagonia is sold there by US prices. But I doubt you will find a child size clothing there.
Matress is unnecessary. Beds in lodges may be sometimes hard but comfortable enough.

16th February 2008, 03:24 AM
Thanks kolobar, just what I needed to hear ...
I definitely plan to visit the recommended Shona Rentals.