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10th October 2007, 09:03 PM
In August, my son and I traveled from Beijing to Lhasa and then to Kathmandu. En route, we visited many monasteries and also trekked 4 days from Ganden to Samye. Here is a link to photos of this trip:


It might be a little off topic, but I know that lots of people have an interest in visiting Tibet as well.

11th October 2007, 12:59 PM
What a lovely set of pictures. The memories came flooding back. I will have to spend an afternoon going through the various slideshows.

A few questions for you:

What camera did you use?

How did you organise the 4 day trek from Ganden?

How did you organise the rest of your travel from Lhasa to Katmandu?

How long were you away in total?


Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

12th October 2007, 12:04 AM
Hi Silvertops:

Thanks for looking at my pictures. It was indeed a great trip, even more so as my son was with me this time and he also enjoyed it thoroughly.

Camera: Pentax D1st with 2 lenses, 18-55 and 50-200 I believe.

I booked the trip through Project-Himalaya, Jamie McGuiness' company, who uses Explore-Himalaya to do their execution of trips. I made that choice because they had the Tibet train trip advertised on their website and additionally, through their climbing expeditions, they have plenty of experience in Tibet. However, we were not able to do the train Beijing-Lhasa as this is only the second year it is operating and July/August is high season and every Chinese wants to go on that train! So as a foreigner there was no chance to get on this train at this time. So we flew from Beijing to Lhasa.

Explore Himalaya through a Tibetan agent arranged the Ganden to Samye trek. We had a guide, a cook and 3 cows(!) plus the cow handler. The cook was fantastic, he apparantly was at ABC at Everest from March through June. There were 3-4 other small groups there at the same time and it was very enjoyable company.

Next time, I would just organize a flight to Lhasa and then book everything locally, including the permits. I have a couple of contacts if anybody needs them.

After the trek, we were picked up in Samye by Landcruiser and they drove us all the way to Zhangmu to the Nepali Border, where we were picked up by Explore Himalaya. Only drawback of the entire trip was that we were not able to make it to Everest Base Camp as one of the two roads was under construction and closed and the other one impassable because of heavy monsoon rains. A good reason to come back!!

So instead of spending only 3-4 days in Kathmandu, we spent a week there, which was of course great!!

I'll write up a diary on my website whenever I get to it.


Todd Delaney
13th October 2007, 03:54 PM
Great photos - what a wonderful trip!!! Will enjoy reading your diary when you post it.