View Full Version : Lantang info request!!

2nd September 2007, 03:15 AM

Hi all. I am planning to go to Langtang region in end Sep for approx 9 days. Those who have been to that area, could you please give me some ideas on the following queries I have:

1. Is it essential to carry camping eqpt to cross Ganja La or you can do it in a long day trek?

2. Same with Gosain Kunda lake pass, possible within a day?

3. How are the tea houses facilities in other areas?

4. How realistic is it to do a loop from Dhunche to Langtang Village then Ganja La pass to Tharke village and then through Gosain Kunda lake back to Dhunche?

I would be immensely grateful for any information you can provide. I am awaiting to go to Kathmandu to buy a proper guide book and until then, any info will help me a lot to do my planning!!! Thanks for looking!!!