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24th May 2007, 03:07 AM
Hi, Im hoping to be in Nepal for 2 months from mid Nov onwards. Id like to do the Everest Base Camp Trek and the full Annanpurna Circuit.
1) Is that enough time to do both?
2) Is that a good time of year weatherwise for both treks?
3) Any recommendations as to which one to do first?
4) Whats the latest situations with Maoist donations in those two areas now that there seems to be peace in Nepal?
Cheers Wadirunner.

24th May 2007, 07:27 AM
If you will be in Nepal from mid-November onwards and you will be there for 2 months, then we're talking mid-November through to mid-January?

November should be fantastic weather, December will be getting quite cold, still nice though, January will be bitterly cold at altitude. Which is not to say that it can't be enjoyable (if you are ready and equiped for the cold).

Thorung La may become impassable late in December depending on weather (snow).

I haven't done Annapurna so my experience is a little limited but if you are going to do both I would go there first. It appears that the start it a bit easier and acclimatisation is gentler on the AC. You will be feeling strong by the time you get to the Khumbu.

2 months should be plenty of time to do both treks if you are keen.

The maoists don't appear to be collecting donations at the current point in time (and haven't been for a couple of months now).

25th May 2007, 03:11 AM
Just adding to Spaceman's very good advice...

You would want to start your trek in Besisahar and to the AC first. Then from Ghorepani (Poon Hill) there is a good trail going to Ghnadruck on the Annapurna Base Camp trek.

I have done them in December. The visibility is excellent, but it will be bitterly cold for the nights at Ledar, Thorung Pedi (or High Camp) and the night at Machapuchare Base Camp and Annapunra Base camp.

A good warm sleeping bag is essential as is a beanie to wear on your head at night.

Good warm clothing in general, including a downe jacket. Don't leave without one, you can hire one in Thamel, if you don't wish to buy.

Also sun glasses and a sun hat.

It would take about 25-26 days to do both AC and ABC. If you have the time, and are in the mood, there are plenty of interesting side trips from the AC.

Also, if it is your first trek in Nepal, I suggest you hire a guide or a porter-guide.
Let us know if you need one. Sharon has a good one, and I have trekked with a couple of excellent ones over the years, that I can recommend.

pashupati pandey
27th July 2007, 04:49 PM
-Dear Trekker,
First of all thank you so much intrested about nepal especially about
trekking.So I am also interested give to you general information.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you will be in Nepal from mid-November, you will be there for 2 months, so you stay in Nepal mid-November through to mid-January?

November should be best weather, it will be getting quite cold from December, and it will be bitterly cold on January. that it can't be enjoyable.

For round Annapurna we can go late December but it depends in weather.and you should be go first round Annapurna because it easier than Everest base camp so you will feel strong for Everast base camp.
And two month is lot of time for both trekking.
The maoists don't appear to be collecting donations at the current point in time (and haven't been for a couple of months now).

pashupati pandey

30th July 2007, 09:01 PM
Having just finished the Jomsom trek (with some friends who only had a week for trekking...), you need to consider the trafic now existent on the stretch from Muktinath to Kalopani... We met, on average about 2-3 jeeps per day, plus about the same number of motorcycles. Motorcycles also venture a bit further down from Kalopani, to Ghasa.

I guess for me that part of the AC is still a trek worth doing, but only just... Kagbeni, Jharkot, Marpha, Dana are still worth seeing, and the stretch between Ghasa and Tatopani is trail only, so no vehicles there as yet. Loved that part.

If you do side trips (and there are plenty) then it is great (Lupra, Dhaulagiri Ice fall etc). But I can see the day, in a couple of seasons, when trekkers would simply not do the stretch from Jomsom downwards towards Beni or Naya Pul... For some trekkers this day has already arrived.

Great pity, as the Kali Gandaki valley is just awesome all the way along down to Typlung and Beni... Ke garne?!

At this stage, the Besisahar (Kundi) to Jomsom part of the AC is still a no vehicle trek, and therefore just awesome.
And of course, you can just go see Kagbeni, maybe Marpha, then fly out at Jomsom. If I were to do the AC again, this is probably what I would do...

Manaslu will be the big trek for me, next in 2008, God willing.