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15th October 2001, 02:05 PM
hello Dave,
december is a pretty nice time for trekking in Nepal. There a just a few people on the way, so you find easely a place in y<our favorites lodges. The weather in Nepal follows normaly a strict pattern and most of the time, you will have perfect blue sky. But around mid december, there is a chance to have some days of bad weather with snowstorm in the monuntains. so you never can completely be sure, at wich date the thorong la is closed. I crossed it twice in mid december, 12th and 13th. and had both time good weather so I felt very comfortable up there, just enjoying the views. Once there was snow the following day in Muktinath, but two days later there were allready people crossing.
Often, the big snowstorms are around x-mas, then TL is closed for about 10 weeks. But even if you cant cross TL, going back the same way is still an enjoyable experience. (I head to do this once, because I was sick).
To me. some important points for trecking in december are:

Warm clothes: Have a thick , warm and cosy downjacket, you will love it exspecially in the evening in the lodges and it can be very helpfull when you have -20 on TL,( wich is possible.) you can rent it in Katm. or Pokhara. Have warm underware and longjohns and a warm sleeping bag

It may be, that you need some extra waiting days before TL. Dont plan a to tight shedule, If possible, plan the possibility of more than 21 days. For exsample I had once to wait 3 extra days because of bad weather. There fore I would rush as fast as possibel to the trek, as soon that you arrive in Kathmandu and have the sightseeing days at the end.

Have good shoes and plenty of mountain boots shoecreme for You and your porter. Weet shoes result very fast in frostbites or worse. Only start to TL, when your shoes are dry.

He should have a warm jacketand leather boots wich can be made waterproof. Check this before leaving. Most nepali porters will wear cloth-shoes wich are not enaugh for crossing TL in cold snow. Just see this point a important for him as for yourself. If he has serious trouble you have the double trouble!

Have strong and good sunglases for you and your porter!

Buy some codein tabletts in Kathmandu, nearly everyone gets a very bad cold in december and its the best drug in found. This can be so bad, that you cant sleep anymore ore are coughing so hardd, that you have to vomit.

Dont forgeet your swimsuits, after coming down from the cold and frost you will love the first smells in Ghasa, where its not freezing anymore. And then, Tatopani isn´t that far anymore and the hotsprings are waiting for you. Just expect one of the best days of your life laying lazy in the pool !

Good luck Andrées