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Fit or Unfit
19th September 2001, 08:35 PM
I will fly to Kathmandu on October 15th and with 20 days in front of me.
I would love to do the trek around the Annapurna but after 18 months working in Thailand based out of Bangkok I am afraid not to be fit enough to survive it...
I really need your advice!
What about the Jomson trek otherwise (shorter, less high)...

My last trek was a month ago in Northern Thailand and went perfectly well. But it was only 3 days and without the altitude factor.


The worried girl

20th September 2001, 08:29 AM
Hello worried girl
Do Annapurna Sanctuary combining with Jomsom.Though it involves high altitude there is always a chance to reroute your trek without backtrekking the same route.To do any trek in the Himalayas you need to be physically and mentally fit.Since you have 20 days in hand, you have many alternatives.Need a Kathmandu based operator to help you ? contact me at raajkhand@yahoo.com

20th September 2001, 01:10 PM
normaly you would need about 20 days only to go around Annapurna. I know there are a few people who do it in less time, but its pretty strenous and they miss a lot, because they pass running at lot of nice places. You will also need some days for arriving, getting the permits and transport (4) and Kathmandu is definitively worth a few extra days sighseeing. With the actual political fragile situation, you should also plan additionaly days for delays in case that they will be a strike or unrest. So I think the idea of going the jomsomtrek is very good. Idealy you would fly to jomson, have some days around Kagbeni and Muktinath and walk down to tatopani. Count between 10 to 12 days. You will love every one of them, because you will pass wonderfull villages and see great montains. You will realise that the remaining 8 to 10 days are scarcely enough to see Pokhara and Kathmandu and for the travel. Another beautiful 10 days trek would be the Annapurna sanctuary trek. There you see one of the best mountains in the world.
Be sure to get your Annpurna Area Entry ticket from ACAP before the 23th of october. The office of ACAP will be probably be closed the 17th and then the 23 to 31 of october because of the Dassain festival. You might have an idea of whats awaiting you by looking a my pictures in www.nepal-dia.de
Have a nice trek andrées

BB Bhandari
20th September 2001, 03:01 PM
As I came to know from that your e-mail message. Please futher details contact me soon.

BB Bhandari
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8th October 2001, 04:54 PM
Hello worried girl,
Time to say see you soon to your nearers is approaching.As you have 20 days from the 15th,you may also do Annapurna round count(17 from Kathmandu to Kathmandu),7 hours of walk by a day.There will rest only 3 days to discover Kathmandu valley or Pokhara in this case.
There is also another possibilities to make this round in 13/14 days while taking the flight from Jomsom in a same pace.A strong physically preparation is required for this col of 5416m.
If u take your flight to Jomsom,trekking upto Muktinath and through down and upto punhill,you will have other 7/8 days in your hand which you can spend to discover wildlife or rafting in rushing river.For any assistant ,feel free to contact at <paventure@wlink.com.np>.