View Full Version : Nepal domestic flights companies

20th February 2007, 07:39 PM
Peteris prompted me to start putting together some links with domestic air services in Nepal. I am trying to include both scheduled and charter companies. As well as fixed wing, and helicopter.

A. First link, the scheduled companies, but bear in mind that you can also charter planes from them... Some of these have helicopters too, like Karnali air. These are mainly Kathmandu based companies... There are some live-links at the bottom of the page


B. This link gives some overlapping information, but it does give two important extras: Helicopter companies (towards the bottom) and the telephone numbers for both fixed winged and helicopter companies.


C. This next link has a mix of domestic and international airlines. There is a lot of overlap with the stuff above, but this one does give the email addresses.

http://www.taan.org.np/airlines.php?PHPSESSID=8695fe967f7f3818beaec2f4170 66dfc

Anwyay, that's it for now. I will add some more specific stuff when I will get around to it.