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27th August 2001, 09:25 PM
The road to Besisahar was improved a lot and you can now either catch a direkt bus from Kathmandu or go first to Dumre and than take a regular bus to besisahar, wich is just waiting there. As your are going the second time, you mike like an other way. There is a beautiful trekking path going from Begnastal (15 km from Pokhara) to Besisahar by walking. It would take you about 3 extradays and you start in paddyfields to have later exellent views on the manaslu when you climbed a hard day up. And it definitively gives you more the feeling of "round annapurna" .
Last year I payed about 500 Rupies a day for a porter (+ about 200 Rupies/day extra Tip at the End, because my porter was just great). I found him in Pokahara by asking in my lodge.
when you get your porter by an agency you will pay10-18$, from wich your porter will get maybee only 300 Rupies. I dont know, if you will get others in Besisahar, but I´m pretty sure, that you do. I wish you very nice trekking days. Have also a look on the pictures in my website www.nepal-dia.de. hope you like them