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9th August 2001, 07:06 AM
Take a look at www.mounteverest.net

10th August 2001, 02:17 PM
Maybe you should ask a good psychoanalyst. He could find out, why someone with absolutely no experience or knowlege thinks he should tell people, that he wants to climb everest.
sincerly Andy

13th August 2001, 08:16 AM
Dear Hyd Sec,
Almost felt like giving an answer along the lines of Andy. One possibility is that your posing is a prank, in wich case we are all wasting out time. The other is that you are indeed genuinely interested in climbing Everest. I will assume the second option, that you are sincere. I guess it is a bit shocking to find such types of questions posed on a trekking site. It suggests some lack of experience and knowledge in regards to mountains in general, and the Himalayas and Everest in particular. One suggestion would be to start somewhat lower in your aspirations, perhaps with some smaller mountains in your own country, or around the world. You will meet people with similar interests and learn many things, perhaps more fundamental than the ones you have posted. I apologise for sounding perhaps patronizing. There are certaninly a number of web sites like the one given by George, as well as others that will give you some informnation. However that will only be a start, and will not replace actual mountain climbing experience.
When you have accumulated plenty of that, if you can afford about 50000-60000 US dollars, you may be able to join one of the guided climbs that are increasingly being offered these days. This would be the cheapest option for climbing Everest.