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6th November 2006, 08:45 PM
Hi all, haven't posted for a while, busy outside! Here's an updated film for those looking for an independent trekking guide in Nepal, and one recommended through the 'recommended guides' through this site. His name is Jagat Lama, and he's a fantastic chap who really knows his stuff, just have a look at the film and see what you think, and if your looking for a reliable guide who'll show you the true spirit of Nepal contact him through his website :) :


The film link:


7th May 2007, 03:21 PM
TRIP COMMENTS WITH KAANCHA AND JAGAT LAMA FROM JAG PATEL, SOLIHULL,,UK. I was planning a trip to Nepal last year (2006) for an 8 week trekking holiday. I emailed many guides based in Nepal - the only one that met my criteria of 'getting of the beaten track' and
ensuring the complete satisfaction was Jagat Lama. He came across as a great guy on the web, and we decided on a personalised itenery for 3 treks:
AC, ABC and Langtang.

All my queries were answered within a day or so, and he always answered all questions clearly, and was always friendly.
Also , his team were unique in that he and Kaancha were musicians, and this set them apart from most guides. This would give me an insite into the Nepalise culture. I also knew that they loved life, and were not just after profits.

He promised that I would be the sole client on the walks - which is exactly what I got.

I met Jagat at KTM airport. Within a few hours we decided on the itenery, and introduced me to his brother, Kaancha, who would be my guide for the next 55 days. We trekked for a total of 40 days. We became lifelong friends within hours.

Jagat and Kaancha made sure I never paid too much for trip essentials, last minute trekking gear and so on.

Kaancha was well known on the Annapurna region, being a famous musician, and always got a great reception at the villages.
This made my trip fun, and I got to hear a lot of Nepalise Folk songs sung my Kaancha (he also plays the drums).

I would like to commend Kaancha (Jagat's brother) for his kindness and firendhip over 56 days last year in Nepal. He was there every single day.
He was more than a guide: he helped 24hours a day - working very hard in difficult conditions. Like me, he loved wildlife, and enjoys the outdoors.

Kaancha went out of his to ensure I got a quiet hotel away from large noisy groups. He knew where the food was good and reliable.
He would always based the daily mileage on my condition and nothing else. He mase sure I was in the right conditon to tackle Throng La,
and that we took things slowly, unlike many other groups. Some of these groups were just there to race around the AC, seeing nothing
...just to say 'I did it' - but we took it at a nice, steady pace, 'taking it all in'.

Kaancha was only interested in ensuring a successful trek... but it did not end there. Towards the end of the Langtang , trip, I fell ill, and he helped t o
arrange a taxi back to Kathmandu. Jagat and Kaancha ensured I received medicaton.

We found a lovely hotel In Bodthnath, near his home. Kaancha would make sure I was well inthe morning,
and I would have meals with his family in the evenings.

Jagat also organised a few days around Kathmadu, a rafting trip and a few days at Chitwan.

A trip of a lifetime.